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Intelligent Medical specialise in the products below. However we are able to source and supply any medical products from our global contacts, please get in touch with any supply enquiry you may have.

Face masks

There is a huge variety of face masks available on the market for various uses.


Intelligent Medical can procure to your exact requirements in both standards, certifications and quality.

Hand sanitisers

Intelligent Medical partners with various brands to bring you a variety of products from alcohol free gels to large bulk container supplies.

Surface disinfectants

 Coming Soon…

3PLY disposable face masks

These come in various standards, general, medical & surgical grades.

FPP2 & FPP3 masks

These masks offer a higher level of protection for the wearer and are classed as two way protection

N95 & KN95 masks

These masks are comparable to FPP2 standard masks.

Disposable Medical Gloves

PVC, Rubber, Nitrile protective, powdered and non powdered.

Hazmat Isolation Protective Suits & Disposable Coveralls

We can supply level 1 Isolation Gowns & Coveralls & Class II Hazmat suits.

Protective Eye Wear, Gowns & Aprons

Goggles and face shields to standard designs and standards, disposable gowns and aprons for general or medical uses

Alcohol based sanitizers

We partners with various brands to bring you a variety of products

Alcohol free sanitisers

We supply a range of sanitisers from personal use 30ml bottles upto IBC and larger container sizes.

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