Medical PPE has many standards and quality levels. Intelligent Medical can procure to your exact requirements in both standards, certifications and quality. Our suppliers can manufacture to exact requests including colour and branding if required. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch we will find what you need.

Hazmat Isolation Protective Suits & Disposable Coveralls

We can supply level 1 Isolation Gowns & Coveralls & Class II Hazmat suits. These can be supplied in various colours and adhere to any standards and requirements you may have. Please get in touch for minimum order numbers.

Disposable Medical Gloves

PVC, Rubber, Nitrile protective, powdered and non powdered. We can supply in bulk to any requirements you may have and to any standard required. Please get in touch for minimum order numbers.

Protective Eye Wear, Gowns & Aprons

Goggles and face shields to standard designs and standards, disposable gowns and aprons for general or medical uses. We are capable of supplying various colours and in bulk order quantities. Please get in touch for minimum order numbers.

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